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Broken Trust (2024)

Tiểu Tử Thần Kỳ
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Tiểu Tử Thần Kỳ

Broken Trust (2024)

Đạo Diễn

Diễn Viên

Kent Cheng Jak-Si | Edwin Siu | Amy Fan Yik-Man | Archie Sin | Yuki Law Yuk Yee | Raymond Cho Wing-Lim | Felix Ng | Kelly Fu | Yuki Law Yuk Yee

Danh sách

Phim Bộ

Thời Lượng

43 phút/tập

Thể loại

Hài Hước | Chính kịch

Năm phát hành


Quốc gia

Trung Quốc | Hồng Kông

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Xem Phim
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Businessman Chin Tai-hoi calls the shots in the office and at home. Tai-hoi is certain his son Chin Kai-loy is incompetent, so he forces him to make progress by continually putting pressure on him. Although Tai-hoi's lover Hung Mui-kwai has been hinting all kinds of ideas to him, but Tai-hoi still has not promised to honor her. Tai-hoi's daughter Chin Yau-fong goes into business while keeping her father in the dark. Tai-hoi slyly undermines her efforts as he feels betrayed. Tai-hoi is kidnapped. And staff member Chiu Yat-ming comes to his rescue. Tai-hoi becomes suspicious of people around him, so he moves into Yat-ming's home. And he wants Yat-ming to covertly investigate. However, Yat-ming's father Chiu Chi-yung is astonishingly Yau-fong's ex-boyfriend, whom Tai-hoi disliked. Tai-hoi always loves money more than anything else. But his way of thinking somehow changes as he gets along with Yat-ming.
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